Hospitality categories


Accessibility (0)

Is your establishment disabled friendly? If it's not, you're losing out on potential custom.

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Amenities (9)

Amenities include things like shampoo, soap, sewing kits, slippers and the like. The range and quality of the guest amenities you offer depends on your rates and the level of accommodation you offer.

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Appliances (1)

From kettles, hair driers, bar fridges and microwaves for guest bedrooms, to large appliances for your kitchen or laundry, this section covers all things electrical.

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Beds (1)

If you're serious about guest comfort, comfortable, quality beds are not a nice-to-have, but a necessity. From single to super-king, this section covers suppliers who offer contract beds to the industry.

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Building and Maintenance

Building and Maintenance (1)

Alterations and maintenance never stop, at most establishments. Find suppliers who offer building, maintenance and alteration services and / or products.

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Catering (2)

Suppliers of food, beverage and catering equipment to the hospitality industry in South Africa.

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Cleaning & Housekeeping

Cleaning & Housekeeping (0)

You know the old adage, "Cleanliness is next to godliness." Establishments should make it top priority to keep their linen, towels and facilities clean. In this section you'll find everything you need to do just that.

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Decor (2)

Every establishment has its own unique style and charm. From bespoke furniture and custom finishes to entire spaces that have been created with forethought and creativity, this section covers conveying the "wow-factor" to your guests through beautiful things.

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Eco Management

Eco Management (3)

From effective waste disposal to saving water and energy, this section covers all aspects of caring for our environment. This section provides various ways in which accommodation establishments can contribute.

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Fittings (2)

Stylish taps, basins and baths, TV brackets, shelves and other permanent installations - the list of fittings to be considered is vast! Almost every room has a combination of fittings that needs to be sourced.

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Furniture (5)

Suppliers of fine furniture for your hospitality establishment. Beautiful, sturdy furniture makes people feel right at home when they enter your establishment.

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Grounds and gardens

Grounds and gardens (0)

For you as an establishment owner, the outside of your property should be just as beautiful as the inside. In this section you will find everything you need to know about maintaining your grounds and gardens.

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Hospitality Consultancies

Hospitality Consultancies (0)

The experience your guests have at your establishment will determine whether or not they return. If you are looking to improve your guest experience then you've found the right section.

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Hospitality industry legal

Hospitality industry legal (0)

As an establishment owner all the legalities you are faced with can become overwhelming. In this section you will find everything you need to ensure that you comply with all legal and statutory requirements.

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HR, Recruitment and Training

HR, Recruitment and Training (4)

Finding the right people, training them and managing them are crucial to your establishment's success. In this section you will find everything to do with HR, Recruitment and Training.

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Insurance (1)

Think about how much time, effort and money you have put into your establishment. Now imagine if something should happen. Make sure you are completely covered for every eventuality.

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Lighting (0)

Good lighting can completely change the atmosphere, ambience and mood of a space. Here you will find lighting perfectly suited to your establishment's decor and individuality.

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Management and Operations

Management and Operations (1)

Details matter, especially in the Hospitality Industry. Often it is the small things that make a guest want to return or not. In Management and Operations we focus on improving guest experience, starting with the details.

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Marketing (2)

How do you market your establishment? Do you market your establishment? Right now this is something you should be doing. Here you will find the perfect solutions to promote your establishment and generate new customers.

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Procurement Professionals

Procurement Professionals (2)

From beautiful linen and towels to elegant cutlery and crockery, Procurement Professionals are your one-stop shop for everything your establishment needs.

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Safety and Security

Safety and Security (3)

The safety and security of not only your guests but of yourself is so important as an establishment owner. Make sure you have all the measures in place to protect your guests, yourself and your establishment.

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Softs (Linen, towels, et al)

Softs (Linen, towels, et al) (2)

As a guest there is nothing better than gorgeous linen and towels. In this section you will find everything you need to know about making your guests feel like they are home away from home.

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Technology and Software

Technology and Software (3)

The right technology and software can dramatically improve the way your establishment operates. From guest bookings to billing this section has everything you need to improve your day-to-day activities.

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Leisure (0)

Leisure is an important aspect of the South African hospitality industry. Fun is, after all, serious business!

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