Winter Maintenance Checklist

Maintenance is a year-round, ongoing activity at most hospitality establishments.  We’ve put together a bit of a check-list to help you organise your maintenance.


Check the roof for cracked, broken or shifted tiles, loose nails or other problems.  Ensure that there is no loose debris on the roof as this will end up clogging your gutters and downpipes.

Gutters and downpipes

Check gutter and downpipe mountings to ensure that they are secure.  Clean gutters and check downpipes for blockages.


Check for cracked windows, loose putty, check openers and sliders and make sure they close smoothly.  If you’re in a summer rainfall area, this is a good time to treat wooden window frames.


Check doors to ensure that they close smoothly.  Oil hinges lightly, check door locks and latches.  While you’re busy you may as well check to see if you have enough extra keys for each door.


Ensure that all gullies are free of blockages and debris and that no water can dam up anywhere.

Pool filter and pump

Pool filter sand needs to be changed every so often (depending on usage and size of pool) – this is best left to a professional pool maintenance company.  It’s also a good idea to clean the pump housing on a regular basis.

Shelves and fittings

Ensure that all shelves and wall-mounted fittings like TV brackets, hooks and towel rails are securely fitted.


Check walls for damp.  Rising damp is often from outside, coming up through the foundations.  Damp at the top of the wall is usually a leaking roof, pipe or geyser.  Treating the symptom is never good enough.  The cause needs to be treated first.  If you’re in a summer rainfall area, this time of year is also good for painting.


Check all furniture.  Treat outside wooden furniture if needed and check plastic furniture for cracks.  Over time the glue on wooden furniture deteriorates, so check all furniture to ensure joins are sturdy and strong.


Ensure that shower door hinges or rollers are in order and that the doors close and seal properly.  Also check that silicone and grouting is intact and free from mildew.  Check that toilet seats are secure and in good condition.  Check that taps are mounted securely and that they don’t require new washers or seals.

Lights, light switches and plugs

Ensure all light fittings, switches and plugs are firmly fitted and in working order.  Check all globes and consider changing to energy saving globes if you haven’t already done so.

Ceilings and cornices

Ensure that ceilings are clean and free from dust and that cornices are firmly fitted and properly sealed to prevent dust from filtering through.


Check geysers and connections for leaks.  Also check that the pressure valve is not leaking – the seal deteriorates over time and this could cause a considerable water loss.  Check that drip trays are in place and that outlet joins are sealed and lead to outside.

Electrical appliances

Ensure that all kettles, hairdryers, bar fridges, heaters, fans, ceiling fans, televisions, etc are in good condition and working correctly.


Check beds and mattresses.  Ensure that bases and feet are sturdy and intact.  Mattresses should be firm and free from lumps, bumps and protruding springs.

Cupboards and drawers

Ensure that all cupboard doors close smoothly and completely and that all hinges and locks are intact.  Drawer sliders, drawer bottoms and handles should also be checked.


If you have fireplaces, ensure that the chimneys are free from blockages and debris.  Ensure that fire screens and utensils are in good condition.

Gas Appliances

Gas appliances should be fitted by a certified technician.  It is a good idea to have all gas connections checked periodically to ensure that they are in good order.  Also ensure that your gas supply is sufficient.


Ensure that all security gates close smoothly and lock easily.  Check burglar bars to ensure they are not loose.  Check the main gate to ensure that it opens and closes correctly and that there are no obstructions.  Check your perimeter and electric fencing.


Early spring would be a good time to cut back trees, shrubs etc.  Water in a good fertiliser for the lawn and plants and possibly compost the flower beds.