ViewProtect™ is at the forefront of developing innovative transparent burglar bars.

We're also the creators of and the Armed Bars™ and ClearTrellis™ range of security systems.

Our transparent armed burglar bars can be connected to any alarm system, adding at least one more layer of protection for you and your family, while doing no harm to the aesthetics of your home.

Furthermore, with the burglar bars being armed, movement is not restricted in your house, and you can even open, close and clean your windows without setting off the alarm.

Because your safety is so important to us, we make sure that our products are fitted only by trained experts.

Just like our range of armed burglar bars, our beautiful ClearTrellis™ product can also be connected to any alarm system.

Both these product ranges are manufactured from polycarbonate, an extremely strong and durable thermoplastic.

We also offer a standard range of transparent burglar bars which can be installed by a certified installer, or bought as a DIY kit at any Builders outlet.

Stop living in a cage, and start benefitting from our range of classy security systems today!

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