The kettle that'll help you lose friends and be more lazy

Who needs more exercise!?! Show of hands please!

Yes, exactly!

Exercise is for losers!

And for those of us who realise this, there's nothing better than the next hyper-tech gadget to put us at ease and keep us busy.

Things need to be quicker and easier.

To hell with mobile phones and Segways. That's soooooo yesterday! We need something that's more symbolic of where we're headed.

And nothing spells future technology better than a wifi kettle. The iKettle.

Why get up, stretch, place one foot in front of the other and repeat the action until you reach the kitchen, which is probably a gigantic three metres away, when you can remain stationary and tap a few commands on your phone?

And that's what makes this kettle shine. It lessens the impact on your feet.

It's all about your footprint these days, isn't it?

Rumour has it the next iPhone might have its very own built-in kettle, eliminating the need for this invention altogether.

Here's a video of a crush test performed on the iKettle. Get it while it's still cold, at FireboxFirebox.