Sycro Distribution

Sycro Distribution supplies various lighting & heating products, bar and kitchenware, furniture and promotional materials.

We have various distribution contracts and agencies, supplying the hospitality industry with innovative, quality products. We pride ourselves on providing top levels of service.

We are dedicated to giving you, our client, personal attention, excellent service, and competitive rates.

We offer a wide range of products to meet your requirements.

Some of our many products include:

CANDOLA Miracle Lamps

  • These miracle lamps have a permanent candle light that burns special patented oil, which is clear, odourless, smoke-free, and longer pan lasting than ordinary candles.
  • CANDOLA fuel cells are available in MOSQUITO STOP which, while creating a candlelight ambiance, performs as an odourless insect repellent as well
  • The product burns exceptionally long with a single fuel cell
  • If the lamp is knocked over, the flame will extinguish automatically
  • The fuel will not burn outside of the cell should it mess, there is no fire hazard
  • The flame is clean burning no black soot
  • No messy wax left on the tables or tablecloths
  • No messy candle holders that need wax scraped out to be cleaned
  • CANDOLA Lamps are attractive and elegant, and as they do not burn themselves down, they stay aesthetically pleasing
  • The concept is cost effective CANDOLA fuel cells can be stored safely and without air- conditioning
  • The Lamps are available in different styles and colours to suit any particular theme or décor
  • The Lamps are manufactured according to standards of high quality
  • CANDOLA Lamp bases need not be polished as a special lacquering which ensures a constant shine covers them
  • The glass globes are dishwasher proof

d2w Oxo-Biodegradable plastic bags

We manufacture and supply Biodegradable plastic bags.

Sycro Distributionis proud to announce that we now manufacture and supply oxo-biodegradable plastic bags for the Hospitality Industry. This is a first and with your help, we are very excited to expand on our range of bag sizes already available.

Our plastic bags (mainly bin liners and refuse bags at the moment), have an additive called d2w (Degrade To Water) introduced to the plastic polymer during manufacture. This additive enables the plastic bag to become Oxo-Biodegradable. Summary of benefits and features include:

  • Self-destructs automatically after the end of the product’s predetermined service life
  • No compromise in functionality – strength, clarity, barrier properties, seal ability and print

d2w is Controlled-life plastic technology which will allow the integrity of the plastic to remain as intended for.  In our case, our plastic has a guaranteed life of 18 months from date of manufacture when exposed to an oxygen rich environment.  Degrading will take place and the amount of degrading is dependent on the environment the plastic is exposed to. The plastic will completely degrade into H²0, CO² and humus. There are NO TOXIC residues.

d2w is being used worldwide and has even been legislated by various governments for plastic manufacturing and has been certified by many institutes as well as tested for Toxicity.

Stock is available at various sizes, however should you have a large quantity demand for a size we do not manufacture, we would be happy to assist you in manufacturing your specific size “Going Green”.

The main advantage of d2w is that the plastic bag does not look, feel or behave any different to any other plastic bag that you are currently using. It is also recyclable and can be used in recyclate.


We offer a wide range of Stainless Steel and Plastic Kettles and our brands include:

  • Galaxen
  • Mellerware

For Candola products, oxo-biodegradable plastic bags, kettles, matches, umbrellas, outdoor furniture and a whole lot more, contact Sycro Distribution.

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