Polygon Software Development

Polygon Software Development is a South African based company, founded in 1997, that creates hospitality software.

Polygon Software Development recognised that a system of this nature is not only about making reservations online and offline, but perhaps more about good service based on sound business principles.

The latter was therefore one of the most important drives in the development the product. By this is understood the capability to manage your establishment professionally whilst also watching profitability. Over time the intention was to grow bottom up, i.e. to add interfaces to other strategic business tools such as financial systems, online reservation bridges and eventually maybe point of sale, whilst striving to keep cost under control and maximizing benefit. PowerGuest is a locally developed reservation system.

Polygon provides the following excellent services

  • Client support telephone and e-mail
  • Software installation
  • Training
  • After sales service
  • Technical support
  • Upgrades and enhancements to incorporate client requirements and technological development

PowerGuest reservation software for B&B’s, guesthouses and lodges

PowerGuest improves your business performance. It is a stable, reliable and professional reservation software solution. Your service and professionalism will add value to what your establishment offers to the guest.  Give your guest that special something that sets you apart from other guesthouses in your area.

Why PowerGuest?

  • Allows you to manage your business better.
  • Run your establishment more efficiently, saving time and money.
  • Convenient and easy to analyse profitability.  Income and expenditure or desired income can readily be tracked.
  • Analyse vital statistics such as occupancy rates.
  • Keep record of guest’s requirements and preferences. Also for future use.
  • Facilitate better future planning on the basis of readily available information.
  • Business integration is easy – integrate to telephone and financial systems. Transfer all Tax invoices generated in PowerGuest to Pastel.
  • Audit trail to prevent / detect possible corruption & irregularities.
  • PowerGuest is an operational tool that helps you to save time and money.

Features, Benefits and Major Capabilities

  • Make a booking while you have the client on the line and send quotation and confirmation documentation. (In internationally popular Adobe Acrobat .pdf format).
  • The system has a flexible financial configuration system that currently support no fewer than 8 basic financial types such as Accommodation rates per person or room and duration or person based pricing specifically for activities.
  • Better service is almost guaranteed with convenient to use guest databases. This includes business intelligence to determine how effective your advertising in different media are and where your guests originated.
  • Avoid double bookings.
  • Make reservations in the future unlimited reservation period.
  • Conveniently produce tax and pro-forma tax invoices as well as statements.
  • Print a check-in note with the name, ID/passport number, residential status and signature of each guest.
  • This information must be kept for 6 months as required by the Immigration Amendment Act.

Fully configurable for your unique needs:

  • Define unlimited number of rooms.
  • Different accommodation types with adult and child rates. 
  • Different guest types. Different user levels. 
  • Define unlimited number of daily activities. 
  • Different daily activity rates for adults and children. 
  • Define different activity payment methods.
  • User definable financial types such as meals, and valet service.
  • Customise and manage group bookings, accounts and payments.
  • Record of guest history and guest register.
  • Block rooms for maintenance.
  • Manage conferences and weddings.
  • Create a Virtual private network (VPN) and share the system remotely over the internet.
  • PowerGuest allows you to keep record of guest’s requirements and preferences.  Special client requirements such as culinary, transport and/or accommodation is captured once and kept for future reference.
  • For the specialized user even seasonal and weekday variable rate tariff structures are supported.
  • The system has two basic types of grid like reservation screens, one supports accommodation (day based) and the other support activities (Hour based). On these grids reservations can be made for individuals and groups for any time in future. Many of the larger system type of functions commonly known as “night audit functions” are supported such as arrivals and departures.


  • You should not forget to process, produce and review monthly reports.  The following reports are produced on PowerGuest:
  • Month end financial transaction summary
  • Room and Bed Occupancy rates
  • Client statistics e.g. profiles such as country of origin, nature of visit inter alia. Overseas, business or local visitor
  • Arrivals and Departures
  • Outstanding Amounts (Debtors)
  • Indemnity report
  • Special client requirements such as culinary, transport and accommodation.
  • Daily financial audit.
  • A report indicating efficiency of advertising channels

Guest Relationships

Great customer relationships translate into profit.  The cost of retaining an existing customer is estimated to be about 10% of the cost of acquiring a new customer.  Knowing your customer’s likes and dislikes, firstly gives them confidence in you as service provider.  They know what to expect from your guesthouse, which reduces anxiety associated with travel.  Secondly you become their friend – someone they can trust for advice because you know their preferences.
PowerGuest allows you to keep record of guest’s requirements and preferences.  Special client requirements such as culinary, transport and/or accommodation is captured once and kept for future reference.

Daily Activity Reservations

Daily activities works on an hourly or fraction of hour basis. Activities are additional amenities provided by some establishments. Examples of this are balloon flights and game drives. The operation is similar to the room reservation system and integrates to the same core financial system.  You can send quotations or confirmations while you have the client on the line and print statements, invoices or pro-forma invoices either on your stationery or on PowerGuest generated stationery.

How to choose a system

  • The system must be affordable.
  • Must have enough functionality for the particular establishment.
  • Reporting must suit your needs.
  • Must run on a reliable operating system and support must be available
  • The system must support or interface to other systems such as financial, on-line and telephone systems.
  • Although not essential, it is sometimes better to have a local company because they know the local conditions better and do not price their product in overseas currencies.
  • Support and training is vital because no system is entirely self-explanatory or perfect in all respects.
  • Manuals, on-line help and training CD’s is a great help to the user.
  • Choose a system that can also accommodate your daily activity reservations.
  • Contact person: Christa Conradie
  • Office number: +27 (0)12 345 2131
  • Mobile number: 082 886 6209
  • Fax number: +27 (0)12 345 3972
  • Physical address:


  • Service Area: Nationwide (South Africa)
  • Operating hours Mon to Thu: 0800 - 1700
  • Operating hours Fridays: 0800 - 1700
  • Operating hours Saturdays: Closed
  • Operating hours Sundays: Closed
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