Meatballs with a difference

A nice meatball recipe, with maybe a slight difference.


The stuff inside

  • 500g ground beef. (No chicken allowed! I've got my eye on you.)
  • 120g breadcrumbs. (don't tell Noakes!)
  • 10g thyme.
  • small tin of chestnut paste.

The method

  1. Mix the whole shebang together well and roll into small little balls.
  2. Place in a pot on the stove and keep the temperature low. (Don't add water!)
  3. Cook really slow. Something like 40 minutes should do. But don't stand there watching it. A watched meatball never cooks, goes the old adage.

Take note

  • Do NOT add egg.
  • Do NOT add onions.

We have nothing against those fruit types, but in this specific case, the meatballs taste much better without.

Now what?

This is the lekker part. Take the well cooked, delicious-looking meatballs out of the pot, package well and send it to me for taste testing. Preferably speedpost, if you're not nearby.

Or if you're the stingy type, keep it all to yourself and have it with a nice gravy and mash or rice.

But whatever you do, enjoy!