Let rats teach you how to speak to humans

Learn from rats how to speak to humans.


I recently visited the website of Roof RatsRoof Rats, a South African cleaning company.

I loved their site right from the get go.

These guys speak directly and get to the point.

Look at their tag line: "We Vacuum Ceilings And Clean Roofs."

Another cheeky line in their website's sidebar says: "We Have A Business Award - Enough Said."

Who wouldn't want to have their ceilings vacuumed or roofs cleaned by Roof Rats?

What makes it work?

  • They tell you exactly what they do.
  • They give you that "we come in and do our job well you don't have to worry" feeling.
  • They've won an award, and unless it's the Nobel (which is handed out willy nilly these days), it must mean that they're good at what they do.
  • Their website copy speaks to the visitor. It tells the visitor how he benefits from having them clean and vacuum their place.
  • In fact, they start off with a warning. That makes you pay attention.
  • No corporate BS. They speak plain English.
  • They have testimonials in their sidebar. You can see what others are saying about their service.

If you have a website, learn from Roof Rats about how to speak to visitors. Steer clear of fancy language and engage the audience. Meet them where they have a problem.