Hotelogix, integrated hotel management software.

A system to help you manage your whole accommodation establishment.

Hotelogix has created a system they refer to as a 360 degree approach to managing your hotel.

You're right. They're not the first company to offer this type of product. Plenty of hotel management systems are available.

But perhaps it's worth taking a look at their product, to see how it stacks up.

Their website claims that their system is the world's easiest property management system to get started with. Now, I'm not sure whether they hope you start and end with them, but this is a rather ambiguous statement.

The whole system sits comfortably in the cloud, which means you'll need a computer and internet connection to make use of it. (But these two components should already be as much part of your business as a smile.)

What can you do with their system?

​This is the important question. Let's run through their system's features and see if it offers something you might be looking for.

Quick set up of properties

Once you've created an account with Hotelogix, it's breeze to add rooms, room types and pricing structures.

Tight integration of all hotel operations

Hotelogix allows you to keep a tight grip on all aspects of managing your hotel. This includes front desk, accounts, your restaurant, travel agents you work with and your own team. All aspects meet in one place: your Hotelogix dashboard.

Full control

All areas of your hotel are catered for with Hotelogix. You needn't worry about sourcing different softwares for different aspects of your hotel.

Integration with external tools

Hotelogix plugs into Xero Accounting, as well as numerous other offerings, such as and TripAdvisor.

Transparent pricing

Hotelogix has nothing to hide. Their pricing structure is straightforward. No hidden fees and added expenses.

Secure servers

Even though the whole system sits in the cloud, Hotelogix offers top level security. Rest assured that your data is as safe as it can be.

Multiple accommodation types covered

Hotelogix works for bed and breakfasts, hotels, resorts, serviced apartments and allows for multiple property management.

The proof is in the pudding

Hotelogix looks like a rocksolid hotel management system. Of course, the proof of the pudding is in the taste. Get in touch with them through their website, They offer a freemium package, should you be interested.