Hmmm. Rump steak. Nuff said.

Rare rump steak with salsa verde and baby potatoes. Please, can I have some more?

Ask any South African, even as young as one month old, what they consider their staple food, and the ones with sense will tell you it's meat. ("Meat" in baby tongue sounds something like "Goo goo, ga ga," with different dialects across our lovely country.)

Here's another lekker recipe from Pick n Pay, but before you read it, place a napkin on your keyboard.

The stuff inside

  • Salsa verde
    • Flat-leaf parsley (1 cup)
    • Basil (1 cup)
    • Mustard (2 teaspoons, dijon)
    • Garlic (1 clove, granulated)
    • Vinegar (1 tablespoon, white wine type)
    • Capers (2 tablespoons)
    • Avocado oil (125 ml)
  • To serve
    • 500 g baby potatoes, cooked
  • Main ingredients
    • Mature rump steaks (4, mature, thick cut, vacuum packed)
    • Salt (1 pinch)
    • Garlic avocado oil (2 tablespoons)

The method

  1. Rub steaks with garlic avocado oil. Season well.
  2. Griddle, fry or grill steaks over coals until done to liking.
    • Set aside to rest. (It's probably tired.)
  3. Place all salsa ingredients into a food processor and pulse until roughly chopped.
  4. Season.
  5. Serve steaks with potatoes and salsa verde.

Before and after picture of this delicious steak dish

Before and after picture of cow turned rare rump.

Of course, you'll need it taste tested. Use the contact page to get my postage details.

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