Hewstone Corporate Gifting Clearance discounted by up to 50%

Hewstone is having a 50% clearance sale.


Here's a breakdown of what you can expect:

  • Photo Frames at R4.00
  • Metal Keyrings from R7.00
  • Shopping Bags from R8.00
  • Leather Luggage Tags at R11.00
  • Personal Agenda’s from R20.00
  • Backpacks at R25.00
  • Folders from R25.00
  • Wooden Pen & Pencil set at R30.00
  • Multi Tools at R35.00
  • Latte sets at R35.00
  • Golf Accessory Holder at R50.00
  • Garden Tool set at R90.00
  • Laptop Bags at R135.00
  • Laptop Trolley Wheeler at R300.00
  • Travel Set Wheeler at R375.00

You can also download their clearance catalogue.

Have you received a copy of their latest catalogue yet?

If not, let them know your address and they’ll gladly send you a complementary hard copy. Hewstone contact details.