Exchanging knitting needles for a hammer and nails.

Are you the type of lady who fixes something herself, or do you call the handyman?

The net is overrun with DIY sites and videos, from which sprang a sub-genre, FEMALE DIY.


Can you believe it? Women? Doing it themselves? Mary Anning with her dog, Tray, painted before 1833.

Now, before you colour me racist or whatever other PC label comes to mind, let me share some DIY blogs and video channels worth subscribing to, to get your mind off of wringing my neck and onto hammering nails and turning screwdrivers.

DIY Divas & DIY Guys

Site: diy-divas.co.za.

OK, so the owner of this site is trying to cover all bases by adding, as an afterthought, DIY Guys, to the site's title.


They offer beginner's DIY classes in Cape Town, the West Rand, East Rand, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth.

Perhaps you can surprise your husband by building him a nice Ferrari. I'll take one too.

DIY Woman on Pinterest

URL: DIY Woman.

Pinterest, as you probably know, is a fantastic place to find ideas or inspiration.

Whether you're looking for inspiration to bake a cake or drill for water, Pinterest most probably has some visual stimulation to help you reach your goal.


URL: ThreadBanger.

This is a mean-looking DIY channel. Kind of like ZZTop meets Tweety's Granny.

This channel is presented by a girl and a guy, so it's almost on the not-acceptable list.

But even the girl in this outfit looks mean. I had to check to make sure she doesn't have an Adam's Apple.

This channel offers just about anything remotely DIY, from glow-in-the-dark nails to DIY teacup lamps to DIY spider balloons. What, you don't know what a spider balloon is? You been living under a rock?

Get your DIY on

Before calling the handy man, have a look at these and similar sites to see if they can't help you achieve your DIY goals. You might end up saving a lot on call-out fees and having to pay for mythical broken things, like pipe-washer-screw-thread-tape-plaster-water-catchers. "No ma'am, they're all broken. Need to replace them all ASAP, else you might end up paying through your ears for your, um, water." *Snickers while he walks away counting your hard earned cash.*