Guest House Breakfasts

It is said that until you have shared a meal at the table of your host you have not yet experienced the full potential of his hospitality.

Walking into a spanking clean, attractively decorated guest house or most inviting well-equipped guest room and sleeping between crisp, clean sheets on a good mattress with comfortable pillows so fresh that you would not know anyone else has slept on them before, may speak volumes about the management of a guest house. But the true and final evaluation of enjoyment or disappointment often happens in the dining room and is closely related to the quality of both the food and the service.

Lasting impressions are influenced and formed at the dining table. Personal appreciation of good food is a spontaneous feeling and no one can persuade you to change your perception of a meal. To please all the senses initially, the blended aroma in an aired dining room must be good yet subtle, the food fresh and irresistible and the lighting and music soothing. Hereafter, the colours, flavours and textures of the items on a well planned and preferably slightly unexpected or unusual menu will ensure all-encompassing satisfaction!

Although preferences for breakfast may vary greatly from person to person, special food when staying in a B&B has great appeal – perhaps because few people are used to being offered stylish and imaginative food at such an early hour in their own homes.

  • Breakfast in a B&B, guest house or lodge should not only be a service – it should be profitable as well!
  • To calculate the “total cost” of any style of breakfast there are several “hidden factors” that will be discussed but as a general measure if the breakfast is served on your own premises: – Food cost x 2 should cover all basic – expenses – Food cost x 3 will add minimal profit – Food cost x 4 will make it a profitable – service.
  • Unless breakfast is served as an optional extra or à la Carte, as is the case in some guest houses or lodges, it becomes far more complicated to adjust the cost for the stay according to different styles of breakfast.
  • Experience has shown that in B&Bs any breakfast can basically be included in the price, regardless of the style. Guests should be aware of their options.

By Carolié de Koster