Fittings to Fit You

At some point you are going to want to change the fittings in your establishment. Not because you don’t like them but because they are actually from another era.

As homely as some establishments may feel your fittings can mean the difference between your guests being in a comfortable , pleasing environment or feeling as if they’ve travelled back in time. If your rooms are a seem more like the latter then it’s a good thing you’re reading this.

Changing your fittings is often a tedious and laborious task/undertaking as you have to consider how to curate at best a sigh inducing scene, while this is seem to be an easy undertaking, your ‘subtle’ changes can result in an costly eyesore. Wether the cost be time, money or both. To help you avoid any such ocular offences we have examined fitting trends from around the world and come up with local suppliers whose style will add a pleasing and current, yet not too dramatic change to your space.

Below you will find 3 suppliers whose vision and product range is proudly South African and should take the spaces in your establishment into the present and hopefully the future

Light Fittings

With the advent of eco awareness there has been a conscious move to biodegradable and/or ‘green’ products. One of the people who is at the forefront of such products while providing sculptural form to the functionality of his line is Cape Town based Heath Nash. His product range makes use of eco-friendly materials such as paper, cardboard, polypropylene plastic from recycled bottles. Many hotel chains and bed and breakfasts utilise his range of chandeliers and lampshades .

Kitchen Fittings

Kitchen fittings have come a long way but the general trend has moved from the ornate handles of old to more clean lines and finishes, with door handles being the preferred style and brushed or polished metals replacing wooden handles. With various options of gas and electric stoves. Les Bowden Kitchens’ range covers most kitchen styles while still maintaining a modern aesthetic about them .

Bathroom Fittings

Dominus Bathroom Accessories supply a range of bathroom solutions that are elegantly modern and would not look out of place in any establishment from a group of to the quaintest of bed and breakfasts.