B-Earth International

B-Earth supplies eco-friendly, durable paints, great for outdoor and indoor use. No side effects where food and beverages are used and consumed.

Founded 10 years ago, the company’s purpose was to ensure that durable and sustainable coatings were researched and developed. VOC and quality tests were conducted by the Paint Research Authority (UK) which proved that the products were indeed environmentally safe. Ongoing research bettered these qualities. The Ethical Code we adhere to led us into new frontiers of not only a clean life cycle but also carbon farming, which ensures better living conditions for our clients and those around them.

Durable, environmentally conscious coatings that are cost effective and energy saving. All products are field tested. These breathable membranes act as waterproofing barriers, are washable / scrub resistant, colourfast, fire retardant, fungi resistant, have excellent adhesion to all surfaces and, by being elastic, won't blister or crack. The low odour, virtually odour free, and “zero” VOC qualities make it the choice for interior spaces in the hospitality industry. The UV resistance and durability enhance and protect the exterior. By obtaining the Thales Report all these coatings can be used in wine cellars, kitchens and sculleries without having an effect on food.

  • VAT no: 4250224955
  • Contact person: Patrick Visser
  • Office number: +27 12 819 1409
  • Mobile number: +27 82 895 3817
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    B-earth (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd, 8 Dewar Street, Wolmaranspoort, Pretoria.

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    B-earth (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd, PO Box 14911, Lynn East, 0039, Gauteng.

  • Service Area: Nationwide (South Africa)
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  • Operating hours Fridays: 0800 - 1700
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